Center on Assets, Education, and Inclusion

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Research, Policy, and Practice for Strengthening the Financial Health of Households and Communities

February 24, 2017, 8:00am to 5:00pm
Kauffman Foundation Conference Center

The Center on Assets, Education, and Inclusion’s (AEDI) Mapping Financial Opportunity (MFO) project is very pleased to invite you to a special event on strengthening the financial health of households and communities across the United States.

This is an era in which households are experiencing unprecedented inequality and limited economic mobility, and these experiences are exacerbated in part by variations in their communities’ resources and opportunities. Undeniably, these variations and their consequences are felt most poignantly by households in lower-income communities and communities of color, where there is disproportionately less access to financial services. Without bank or credit union branches in their communities, these households have limited access to safer and more affordable products, like a savings account that could be used to pay for irregular expenses or to invest in the future. Households in these communities also lack access to affordable mortgages and small business loans, hindering the investment and entrepreneurship needed to drive local economic growth. Technology like mobile banking and fintech innovations are poised to close some of the geographic distance between households and brick-and-mortar branches; however, this potential has not yet been realized. And, importantly, households today cannot afford to wait for mobile banking and fintech innovations to achieve their full potential.

Leaders with expertise in research, policy, and practice will discuss the latest evidence on community variation in financial services, its importance for households’ financial health, and the potential roles of technology; regional and national policy efforts to improve access to services for underserved households and communities; and local programs and practices that are working to make a positive difference in the day-to-day lives of consumers.

There is no cost for attendance and eligible attendees can earn up to six continuing education units (CEUs). Breakfast and lunch are provided, along with beverages and light refreshments throughout the day. Local practitioners, community organizers, advocates, and leaders whose work focuses on access to financial services and/or lower-income communities and communities of color are especially invited to attend.

This special event is made possible with generous financial support from MetLife Foundation and assistance from the Center on Assets, Education, and Inclusion (AEDI), IPSR, New America, The University of Kansas School of Social Welfare, and the University of Michigan School of Social Work.

Seating is limited and early registration is encouraged.