Center on Assets, Education, and Inclusion

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  1. CSD 20th Anniversary Webinar

    In Celebration of the Center for Social Developments 20th Anniversary, AEDI held a roundtable on the development of asset based policies in the U.S. since Michael Sherraden's book, Assets and the Poor.



    Children's Savings Account Multimedia Year 2015

  2. Why America Students are struggling with - and defaulting on - small debts

    Student loan balances climbed to $1.2 trillion at the end of 2014, and delinquencies are rising even as they fall for most other types of debt. In fact, students with the smallest balances are most likely to default. Judy Woodruff learns more from Megan McClean of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and William Elliott of the University of Kansas.

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    Woodruff, Judy

    College Debt Multimedia Year 2015

  3. If you build it, will they save? The Canadian Education Savings Program through a Children's Savings Account Lens

    In this webinar presentation, we'll be answering 3 core questions: Why Canada and why now? What are CSAs and what are they intended to achieve? What can we learn about CSA programming and policy design by looking at Canada's experience?


    Lewis, Melinda, Black, Rachel

    Children's Savings Account Multimedia Year 2014